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Ιστορία των θετικών τεχνών και επιστημών κατά την αρχαιότητα

Ιστορία των θετικών τεχνών και επιστημών κατά την αρχαιότητα

Ιστορία των θετικών τεχνών και επιστημών κατά την αρχαιότητα [e-book]
Κονιδάρης, Δημήτριος Ν.

Δημήτρης Ν. Κονιδάρης

ISBN: 978-618-84901-4-7
Σελίδες: 122
Ημερομηνία έκδοσης: 2020/7

Τιμή | 12,4 11,16 €

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The history of science, especially that of Mathematics, has functioned objectively, that is, regardless of the intentions of historians, in a way that indirectly affects existing patterns, as well as the direction of general developments. It is therefore the dominant narrative about the past that is mainly disseminated to the public. This very narrative is sometimes used to serve aspirations and produce corresponding ideological, cultural as well as ultimately political results, to demolish patterns and promote others. Moreover, the prevailing patterns are forces that act on the spiritual track, influencing developments, of course along with a multitude of other factors. This process, characterized by its results as previously suggested in our introduction, is not considered to be the result of voluntary action by researchers since it usually results from their 'free' personal choice in the context of the interdependencies and influences of our multifactorial world! In archeology, as well as in the study of the history of the Exact Sciences a noisy side is present which, in the context of the search for truth, the promotion of equality and the overcoming of anachronistic anchorages, comes to support and promote the dethronement of elements that have been considered fundamental to Western culture. This is, in particular, the view that supports the dogma of Ex Oriente Lux, that is, that cultural light comes 'necessarily' from the East, regardless of whether the evidence supports such a view nor not. This approach seems to obey the dictates of a political correctness and threatens to undermine independent scientific research.

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