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What Really Works With Universal Design for Learning
Edited by Wendy W. Murawski and Kathy Lynn Scott

Sage Publications Pvt. Ltd

ISBN: 978-154-433-867-5
Σελίδες: 328
Σχήμα: 17 x 24 εκ.
Εξώφυλλο: Paperback
Ημερομηνία έκδοσης: 17/06/2019

Τιμή | 32 €

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 Learn how to REALLY improve outcomes for all students

How do we remove learning barriers and provide all students with the opportunity to succeed? Written for both general and special educators from grades Pre-K through 12, What Really Works with Universal Design for Learning is the how-to guide for implementing aspects of Universal Design Learning (UDL) to help every student be successful. UDL is the design and delivery of curriculum and instruction to meet the needs of all learners by providing them with choices for what and why they are learning and how they will share what they have learned. Calling on a wide-range of expert educators, this resource features 

  • An unprecedented breadth of UDL topics, including multiple content areas, pedagogical issues, and other critical topics like executive function, PBIS, and EBD
  • Reproducible research-based, field-tested tools
  • Practical strategies that are low cost, time efficient, and easy to implement
  • Practices for developing shared leadership and for working with families

Educators want to see each and every student succeed. This teacher-friendly, hands-on resource shows how UDL can be used to build the flexibility required to meet students? strengths and needs without overwhelming teachers in the process