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Greek and Roman Technology (2nd Edition)
Andrew N. Sherwood, Milorad Nikolic, John W. Humphrey and John P. Oleson

Taylor & Francis Group

ISBN: 978-1-138-92789-6
Σελίδες: 772
Σχήμα: 234 x 156cm
Εξώφυλλο: Paperback
Ημερομηνία έκδοσης: 11/2019

Τιμή | 55 €

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 New sections on the technologies of sculpture and of health, entertainment, torture and death expand the coverage of the volume, offering additional material which instructors who reviewed the first edition felt would benefit students.

Augmented with 50 line drawings illustrating complex technologies, which will make them much easier for students to visualise.

Additional bibliographical comments and ancient text references in commentaries, allowing more advanced students to develop their knowledge further.

In this new edition of Greek and Roman Technology, the authors translate and annotate key passages from ancient texts to provide a history and analysis of the origins and development of technology in the classical world.

Sherwood and Nikolic, with Humphrey and Oleson, provide a comprehensive and accessible collection of rich and varied sources to illustrate and elucidate the beginnings of technology. Among the topics covered are energy, basic mechanical devices, hydraulic engineering, household industry, medicine and health, transport and trade, and military technology. This fully revised Sourcebook collects more than 1,300 passages from over 200 ancient sources and a diverse range of literary genres, such as the encyclopaedic Natural History of Pliny the Elder, the poetry of Homer and Hesiod, the philosophies of Plato, Aristotle, and Lucretius, the agricultural treatises of Varro, Columella, and Cato, the military texts of Philo of Byzantium and Aeneas Tacticus, as well as the medical texts of Galen, Celsus, and the Hippocratic Corpus. Almost 100 line drawings, indexes of authors and subjects, introductions outlining the general significance of the evidence, notes to explain the specific details, and current bibliographies are included.

This new and revised edition of Greek and Roman Technology will remain an important and vital resource for students of technology in the ancient world, as well as those studying the impact of technological change on classical society.


List of Illustrations; Preface to the second edition; Extract from the preface and acknowledgements of the first edition; List of Abbreviations; Introduction; 1 The Rise of Humans and Human Technology; 2 Sources of Energy and Basic Mechanical Devices; 3 Agriculture; 4 Food Processing; 5 Mining and Quarrying; 6 Metallurgy; 7 Sculpture; 8 Construction Engineering; 9 Hydraulic Engineering; 10 Household Crafts, Health and Well-Being, and Workshop Production; 11 Transport and Trade; 12 Record-Keeping; 13 Military Technology; 14 Attitudes towards Labour, Innovation, and Technology; Indexes